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Mission: Equipping people and organizations to experience their best selves through leadership transformation.  


Vision: To become a premier international leadership transformation organization.

Values: Integrity, Character, Trust, Respect, Courage, Faith, People

Human Value Initiative equips both organizations and individuals to experience their best selves by understanding and capitalizing on their strengths. Let's face it, we are living in an unparalleled volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) time with COVID-19, double-digit unemployment, and heightened racial tensions due to racial inequity. What will you do to adapt, sustain, and emerge stronger? Human Value Initiative is here to help! We start with a discovery session to understand your goals, challenges, objectives, and equally important to assess whether there is a mutual interest in collaboration. If there is a mutual interest, Human Value Initiative will custom design, develop, and implement your initiative to ensure that organizational goals and objectives are met. Last, Human Value Initiative will collaborate with you to evaluate the effectiveness of each initiative. Schedule a complimentary discovery session today!